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The Soft-rubbery blob of Purple that's Perfectly Protects your Assets!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Now I know we mainly deal with skincare products but we just could not help but add this item to the line up, because this thing is worth it, if your like us and sit in an office chair or maybe even if you drive, sitting for long hours hours day to day, and even if you are one of those that sit for hours on end playing video games..(Yes, I'm guilty of this too, I admit) I really enjoy this Double Purple Seat Cushion! Click Here!

1. You really love being comfortable!

2. You like NOT having back pain!

3. You like being able to be comfortable anywhere! (Ours fits fine with all our seats, in the car, office chairs etc)

4. You like NOT having to deal with seat sweat!

5.Do you like comfort?! This thing makes sitting awesome! Anywhere!

Alright, so maybe I flew off the handle a bit with this, I was skeptical at first, but then we all tried it and fell in love, well, our behind did! Here's where you can find this one, keep in mind the prices vary depending on what size cushion you buy, feel free to get yours here! on Amazon! By the way, this is also machine washable!

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