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What skincare do I need?

Since everyone is different from each other and we are so diversified here are a few common

steps we can all take to help keep our skin looking youthful or at least keep from further damage over time.

1. Cleanser. Everyone needs a good cleanser they enjoy, I usually splash my face with warm water, use a cleanser, then I wash it off with cool water. Warm water opens the pores allowing the cleanser to do its job while cold water helps close the pores!

2. Toner. A good toner, this step can be skipped if needed, as these can be harsh on some skin, depending on whom you are, toners serve multiple purposes and depending on your needs, be sure to choose the one that best suits you!

3. Serum. Serums are good because they deliver nutrients, are super concentrated and also serve multiple purposes!

4. Eye cream. Eye cream eye cream we all cry for eye cream! My least favorite step but still necessary, it helps keep our eyelids from becoming too wobbly as we get older(elastically)did I type that right? Keeping them smooth..

5. Spot Treatment. I look at it as using a paint brush, or fine point pen, to areas that have a troublesome pimple or other problems, and destroy them. (Hopefully)

6. Moisturizer. Keeping your skin moisturized is important! As our bods need water to stay hydrated our faces need moisturizer, our natural oils may not be enough for the conditions we go through, all the chemicals we are exposed to, and our environment like weather conditions, sun etc.

7. Sunscreen. One of the most damaging and ageing problems we have to deal with is our sun, yes that bright yellow ball of fire! Chemical sunscreens get absorbed into your skin making your moisturizers not work well, so to fix this I tend to use a sunscreen that has moisturizing properties, there are also physical sunscreens which you can apply over your moisturizer just make sure to get some that have zinc in them!

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